Pollen Atlas Glossary


ref. sculture. Sporoderm with the spinae base exceeding 3 um.



mass of pollens in part fused together, produced by a mother cell.

Medium echinate

ref. sculture. Sporoderm with spinae base of 1 to 3 um.

Medium reticulate

ref. sculture. Sporoderm with the reticulum lumina more or less equal to 1 um and muri thickness less than lumina diameter.

Meridian section

pollen section along the polar plane. View from which it is possible to observe the cytoplasm structure and to measure the polar axis.


the area included between two adjacent colpi, delimited by their extremities (in Palinology the mesocolpium is measured as the longest distance between two colpi).


the area included between two adjacent pori (it is measured as the longest distance between two pori).


sporoderm with spinae base less than or equal to 1 um.


solitary pollen grain derived from a tetrad or polyad, which normally break down into individual pollen grains.


pollen with one colpus.


pollen grain with one pore.


the murus of a reticulum which leans on several rows of bacula.


sporoderm which surrounds the reticulum lumina forming a mesh. Ribs in the reticulum, which delimit the lumina.

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