Crea logo The Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (CREA) is the Italian research organization which operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, with general scientific competence within the fields of agriculture, agroindustry, food, fishery and forestry. The Honey Bee and Silkworm Unit (CREA) covers all aspects related to apiculture and silkworm breeding, f.e. the Honey Bee section focuses on analytical methods for characterisation and definition of quality of honey and of other hive products (royal jelly, beeswax, pollen and propolis), including methods for conservation and possible adulterations. To achieve these aims CREA is part of national and international working groups, such as Codex Alimentarius; International Honey Commission, the UNI group for standardisation of analytical methods pertaining to honey, the international network COLOSS (Prevention of honey bee colony losses). 

The CREA features a specialized laboratory for Melissopalynology, that deals with characterization studies and carries out analysis to define the geographical and botanical origin of honey. The referent laboratory is a member of professional Register of Melissopalinology Experts, the italian register of experts holded by CREA.

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